R.eS.Co. is a Company that deals with development and research mainly in electronic and information fields, and this place is our window. Here we'll display works and projects developped by us.

(Italiano) Resco3D: Fuori Tutto!

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(Italiano) Campione di PLA e ABS: promozione terminata

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(Italiano) Barre lisce in diverse misure!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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(Italiano) Campione di PLA e ABS: prova il nostro materiale e facci sapere la tua opinione!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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RepRap project is disused

Yes, you understand right: RepRap#Resco’s project is going to stop.
Resco is not only RepRap, we offer also consultancy service, and in the last time this one is grown up. So we can’t give anymore to our customer the right support. But what does it means exactly? It means that we doesn’t sell anymore our complete kit, our plastic kit and our extruder. But the shop on line it will still works like usual and we have also some new items. So stay tuned!!!

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We’re back at full strength!

Works are finished and we are now totally operative! We have indeed new products on our shop like the 624 ZZ bearings and ABS and PLA with 1,75mm diameter. And soon we have some news for you!

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You learn from your mistakes!

If you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn. We always sell our electronics already tested (a few print’s hours on our machine) but with the last we had some problems. The only one conclusion is that the microcontroller wasn’t programmed. So from today we will formalize the process tagging every microcontroller with the test date (thing that we did seldom). The moral is that to learn something you have to do mistakes. Thanks to Paolo for your help to improve us and for your understanding. Your new microcontroller leave this morning.


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Work in progress

We should have write a back from holidays’ post , but the right time passed. Also our office now became a building site… so we are sorry if our activity are slow in this days. We hope to restart a full speed next week.

Stay tuned!


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Closed for holiday

We advise you that our store on line will be closed for holidays from 12 to 23 august. All the orders done in theese days will be processed from monday 26 of august. Have everyone happy holidays!

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Colors are wonderful!

Print something is great, but print it with a shiny color and it’ll be a wonderful object!
Take a look on how many color we have now back in stock (don’t forget glowing yellow, green and blue)! They aren’t beautiful?

What’s about you? What are your favourite colors? What is the color that you cannot live without that it’s not in the picture? Let us know in the comments!

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